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A pet is a massive part of the family and when you are considering a family portrait or range of shelf portraits for your home you might wish to include your cat, dog, or other type of pet animal as part of the proceedings. Capturing family moments provide us with so much joy, knowing that we’re giving you pictures that will be looked back at for many years to come.

Our photographers can work with natural photos, back and white, and are happy to work in a flexible manner, both in the studio and at your location, whichever suits your needs and the temperament of your pet. All pets love being made the centre of attention. Making a fuss of your pet will help you to bond with them over time, and it really is true that a pet becomes a solid member of any family unit when loved in the right way. Make them the main attraction with a pet portrait and we’ll make sure that we capture their best angle and provide you with a picture that speaks a thousand words of how much you love your pet. We treat pets in much the same way we do humans, making them as relaxed and comfortable as possible and accentuating the unique characteristics in a fun way.

Our professional pet photography sessions are scheduled to take around an hour in total. We welcome you to bring along any pet to the studio, though in our experience cats do tend to get a little stressed and difficult to work with in many cases. Whether you are looking for a portrait of your pet (or family of pets) alone, or a family portrait that includes your little furry friends, we can accommodate most requests. With a few tricks of the trade and your help bringing along toys and treats that you know keep your pets calm and in one place for long enough, we can work our magic with specialist pet photography.

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