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As a baby enters your life it is a truly magical time, with special moments happening everyday as your tiny girl or boy develop a character and make us laugh each and every day. Our photographers love working with babies, as there is so much love in the room. We work in both colour and black and white photography, either in the studio or on location, with a goal to create the most natural moment of your baby on camera. You can capture those beautiful moments right from pregnancy, to the first few days of the baby’s life and beyond. Our classic photos will provide you with a cherished moment in time that will last you a lifetime.

Time moves so rapidly when your baby is newborn, and you want to protect those memories and not miss a moment. As part of our shoot we’ll sit with you to discuss exactly what you want as an end result, whether you are looking for a portrait of your newborn close to camera, a family shot, or a selection of various poses and formats. We encourage you to bring along any items that can help settle your baby, as well as help to create the scene and aesthetic that you desire, or we can take that out of your hands and allow you to relax through the whole shoot. We will do our utmost to provide you with a finished photo where you can see your baby’s genuine character on the print.

When it comes to photographing a newborn we know that it takes a little longer to get them settled and ready for the shoot. That’s why the sessions run a little bit longer than our other services, with no pressure placed on the parents. This way, you’ll have time to feed and change them, as well as allowing for any fussiness. It’s important that you stick to your routine during the early days with a newborn, and we are fully prepared for flexibility when attempting to capture those beautiful moments between mother and child, parents and newborn, and even siblings and grandparents if you wish to include the entire family.

*There is an additional charge of £30 for newborn photography sessions, on top of the regular prices for the other services.

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