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Capturing that perfect moment in time, of a family coming together as one, is an important part of what we provide to our customers. We aim to create family portraits and family action photos that will be treasured for many years to come and looked back on with pleasure as the family grows older. Our service is based around a relaxed environment where beautiful and modern family portraits are taken that allow you to purchase the perfect wall or shelf family portrait, whether for your own home or as a gift for grandparents and other relatives.

We’ll spend some time putting together a plan of action that suits you and your family, incorporating your authentic style and dynamic into the shoot and ensuring that your requests are looked after. It is important to look at the end result and see an honest interpretation of the family, including your shared passions and interests. We might try a group photo of a relaxed family snuggling up on the sofa, or an action-packed frame of a game being played where you can almost hear the laughter from mum, dad, and all the kids. Nothing will ever feel forced and we like to make sure that the whole family are comfortable from the very beginning, and that all voices and suggestions are heard. In some cases our customers do not want to put together any plan, and instead prefer a natural photo-shoot with no plan in place.

Please expect the family photography session to last approximately 1-hour. We will take a mixture of family pictures, individual shots, as well as group photos of just the children in the family, allowing you to see all sides of the family. We welcome you to bring a change of clothes, allowing us to experiment and try out different angles that best display your family dynamic and capture your essence as a loving family. The shoot will be relaxed and a lot of fun, creating that special family moment to cherish forever.

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