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It can be difficult to capture a relaxed, natural picture of your children at home with your own camera, and as child photography specialists our studio is geared towards helping you achieve that natural look. We can even shoot at your home if you wish. You’ll marvel at the creation of a photo that truly captures the unique character of your child, the laughter and the close bond that they have with you. We’ll take a photo of a cherished intimate moment where you hug and kiss your child, high-five them, or the inquisitive looks that our children give at every little thing around them as they are growing from babies to toddlers and into adolescence. We want you to have that accurate representation of childhood in your family, and we’ll talk with you in advance if you wish to plan ahead and utilise the situations, game playing, characteristics and any other small moments that are unique to your family and child.

We understand that it can be difficult to get the little ones to settle for long enough to have their photo taken at the best of times, and that is why we do out best to provide a relaxed, yet stimulating environment. We’ll ensure that your child is excited in just the right way, allowing us to take stunning portraits and individual action shots of them enjoying life, without worrying about them getting too bored or over stimulated and unable to focus.

The photography sessions usually last around 1 hour, so be prepared for that eventuality. We won’t put any pressure on your children, and we welcome you to come along with a change of clothes if you wish, allowing us to try different looks and styles if you wish. The idea is to capture genuine moments of closeness and happiness between you and your child, as well as close up portraits of your little angels. We will do everything we can to create that perfect example of your child, giving you photos that can be cherished for years to come.

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