So the bride arrives and as I’ve spent time with her in the morning I know that this is probably one of the most anxious and exciting times for her- feelings of ‘I can’t believe the day is finally here’ to ‘My stomach is in knots’. I get to share and reassure my brides that all of their feelings are part of the whole experience!

Walking down the aisle is a wonderful time to photograph too, it’s probably one of the most vulnerable moments for the bride and I capture this moment that only can be caught once! Sometimes, in fact more than not the groom is completely overwhelmed by how amazing their bride looks and I always give them the ‘If you’re going to cry look straight at me!’- We all love to see true emotion in someone.

During the ceremony i’ll be discrete and face my bride and groom whilst they become married. I capture the expressions, emotions, tears and love in that 30 minutes or so. The exchange of rings. Once the ceremony is finished we wait whilst the legal signing is completed and take our ‘set’ images.